Admission to the doctoral programme

Students can apply for admission by submitting the application form (available for download below) and its annexes to the secretariat of the doctoral school.

If you have any questions regarding the admission process, please contact our secretary, Dr. Boglárka Dr. Eisingerné Balassa PhD. (university senior lecturer) (


Terms of application:

- everyone can apply who holds a university degree in economics, geography, sociology, political science, international studies, humanities or other qualification within social sciences, *
- those graduating in the 2015/2016 academic year, passing the final examination and obtaining a language exam certificate necessary for graduation (it should be presented by 31 July 2016 the latest),
- a university degree with the grade “good” (4.0) or higher (the grade will be taken into consideration for 3 years from obtaining the degree),

- extensive knowledge of the professional field.

* We can accept the application of those with degrees in humanities or other social sciences only if they can prove their participation in a specialization programme in economics or if they obtained some specialized qualification in economic or regional sciences during their bachelor's programme.


To be submitted for application:
- application form,
- copy of university degree (or credit book in case of those graduating in the current academic year)
- professional CV,
- list of publications (if you have),
- research plan (max. 4000  character spaces) and a maximum half-page long cover letter,
- letters of recommendation if possible (from a teacher, workplace manager, a professional, etc.),
- other important information

In case of a university degree obtained abroad, the applicant should attach the copy and translation of the degree.

Application deadline: 31 May 2016
The deadline date means the posting date. The programme starts in September 2016.

Interview, evaluation:

The applicant will be informed about the date (expected in mid-June) and place of the interview via letter (e-mail). During the interview, the Admission Board should be convinced of the applicants' extensive professional knowledge, concepts regarding their work in the doctoral programme, previous scientific activities and language skills.

The Council of the Doctoral School takes into consideration the recommendation of the Admission Board, the quota of state-financed students and other capacities of the Faculty when making a decision about the admission. Following the approval of the admission, the head of the doctoral school sends a written notification to the applicants, to be expected in mid-July.

Date of admission interviews: mid-June 2016


COSTS for foreign students:

The admission procedure costs: 100 euro

Full-time training: 3 500 euro/semester

Corresponding courses (part-time training): 2 000 euro/semester

Individual training: 1 000 euro/semester